Proper Care Of Clothing In Storage Units

For a fashion designer, an art collector, or even just the hardcore true-blue fashionista, there can never be such a thing as too many clothes. To these individuals, every piece of clothing, every textile, every hat, bag, and accessory is a testament to beauty at a certain point of history.

Alas, the sense of style (and perhaps, the wallet) is willing, but the closet space is weak. One can only have so much closet space until it starts bursting from the hinges, and the closet owner begins wailing. However, savvier fashion lovers will find it in their best interests to begin investing in a storage unit. A number of Hollywood celebrities and fashion designers are also housing their red-carpet couture, prized creations and sentimental items in storage units Pasadena for practicality and posterity’s sake.

Take a tip (or two, or three, or more) from these street wise celebrities, and learn the right way to store your clothing in a self-storage unit:

1) Invest in a climate-controlled unit. In the world of fashion and clothing care, dust, mold, and mildew are your three worst enemies. These three undesirables can wreak havoc on your most delicate fabrics, disintegrate your furs, and make your leather crumble away to nothing. The horror! A consistent climate-controlled storage space unit will be more than enough to allay your fears. This will keep your storage space cool and dry all year ’round, and will make your prized pieces, proof against clothing pestilence. Also, keep your clothes away from sunlight, as this can fade the colors on your clothes and attract insects.

2) Inspect and clean the storage unit as thoroughly as possible. Before moving in and stashing your clothes, give the storage space a thorough ocular examination with the owner and be ready to take pre-emptive action. If the owner allows it, arm yourself with some brooms, scrubbing pads, disinfectant, and lots of elbow grease. Sweep away whatever dust, crumbs, or deceased animals you may find. Scrub and disinfect any suspicious-looking moist areas, there are, to prevent mold buildup. A spot of thorough cleaning can be a big help in preventing pests from inhabiting your clothes.

3) Store your clothes correctly. Vacuum-sealing your clothes is a big no-no with furs and expensive fabrics. Not only does this attract mold and mildew, but this can also crush your gorgeous fashion items. Invest in a rolling rack and non-rust hangers, and make it a point to give ample space between each item.

4) Boxes can also serve as ideal storage for some of your fashion items. Wicker boxes are a classic, stylish choice for storing folded clothes, as these provide ventilation and look absolutely chic. Use acid-free white tissue to line these boxes, and lay a sheet of tissue on a folded item before laying on the next one.

5) Consider investing in a dessicant, mothballs, and cedar blocks. There’s a good reason why newly-purchased leather bags come with a chemical dessicant – they absorb moisture and prevent mildew, so be generous with your leather items. Also store your furs and other garments made from expensive fabric with moth balls or cedar blocks. This will keep away pests, and help your precious items last longer, if not forever.

Please remember your clothes are some of your dearest items. They hold memories, and things always come back in to style! The average person simply cannot house a life time of clothing. Allow a self storage facility close to you; to do it for you. In this way you can remain ever changing and in fashion for ever!

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