How Can One Treat Dandruff Issues?

Dandruff is a very common condition that happens these days and it can cause some flaky skin accumulation on the scalp. Here, the dead skins fall off and so all the white flakes land up on the shoulders.

Can dandruff lead to hair loss? Yes, it can. Though in most cases they are not directly related to it. There can be some itchiness due to dandruff and it can injure the hair follicles and that in turn leads to hair loss. There can be more hair loss from dandruff issues if one already has alopecia.

In order to prevent hair fall due to dandruff, one needs to reduce the itchiness as much as possible. It will also reduce the urge to scratch the scalp.

When there is dandruff, there are a lot of things that can happen. It can happen if one does not clean their scalp well but to find the exact reason for dandruff formation one needs to o and see an experienced dermatologist. They will take a proper look at the scalp and then will determine if the formation of dandruff is only due to wash negligence or if there are any signs of underlying problems.

If one has dry skin then there can be formation of small flakes which can lead to inflammation and redness. In case of seborrhoea dermatitis, there are rashes on the scalp which looks oily and scaly. As a result, the skin flake can be either yellow or white. When there is malassezia, it is actually a fungus which is found in the scalp of people. They cause a lot of irritation and can also lead to growth of some extra skin cells. Also, when these skin cells die, they become dandruffs. Contact dermatitis on the other hand happens because there is sensitivity to certain skin products like hair dye or shampoo and that can lead to flaky and red skin.

If there is already heavy dandruff, one needs to try a medicated shampoo to eradicate them. One needs to pick up a shampoo which contains ingredients like salicylic acid, pyrinthione zinc, ketoconazole or selenium sulphide.

If one is suffering from mild dandruff issues, then they can use medicated shampoos for a couple of weeks and see the result. If one has light coloured hair, then they need to stay away from selenium sulphide because it can cause some sort of discoloration.

No matter what is the reason of dandruff, one need to keep the scalp hydrated. So, even after using ketomac shampoo, one needs to use a conditioner to keep the scalp moisturised. Medicated shampoos are already drying in nature and so usage of conditioner is a must.

One can also try to message their hair with coconut oil and after keeping it for an hour one can wash it away with a mild shampoo. Coconut oil has anti fungal properties which can treat dandruff issues. At the same time it can keep the scalp hydrated and keep the hair strong and sound.

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